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If you are looking for a guided tour of the WW2/cold-war museum in Inverness you have come to the right place (almost). Please visit The Museum specific web-site. Also note that tours can be booked via the eventbrite web-site (COVID rules permitting).

CSP Partnership was established in 1985. We have 40 acres of croft high ground close to the Capital of the Highlands - Inverness. In 2020 - as part of our busiess development portfolio - we purchased the Historic Listed Building Emergency Operations Bunker in the Inverness Raigmore Estate. This building has an amazing history and is the last of a group of three bunkers that processed radar signals for all of Scotland by the end of WW2.

The building was renovated in the early 90's by the then owners - The Highland Council - using a £500,000 government grant. At this time it was NBC hardened - to make it Nuclear, biological and chemical resistant. It was intended to be the control point for the area in the event of a nuclear strike. As the renovation completed the Berlin wall fell. The council took over the property and utilised it to handle emergencies than needed a multi-discipline respons - army, navy, coast-guard, air-force, police, ambulance, fire, medical etc etc.

We are still in the 2nd stage of development of this property, but sufficient has been done that from 2020 courses can now be held in our central Inverness offices.

Guided tours (groups of up to 12, 10 preferred) can be run - giving visitors a chance to see the inside of the listed building and to sample the sort of work undertaken in the bunker.

Postal Address

Emergency Operations Bunker,
MacKintosh Rd,
IV2 3TX.
Look for the large radio mast near the A9 interchange (above KFC) . The offices are at the mast foot.

The croft is open all year round, but access can be tricky during some days in winter. You are advised to contact us before travelling if the weather is inclimate.

We offer a diverse range of services across Scotland. We actively support target shooting. As well as offering access to .22 rifle equipment we can also offer NSRA certified courses up to Club Coach level.

Personal or small-group coaching can be undertaken using a range of electronic training aids.

Since the acquition of the offices at the Bunker, we can now run courses on our site, and not just on your site.

There is no small-bore shooting in the bunker. However 10m ISSF approved targets provide professional "single spot" aim and scoring.

Our staff are well qualified. Our coaches are licenced by the NSRA and the ISSF. At least one of our staff is an ISSF licensed judge for rifle, pistol and ESD (electronic scoring).

On the croft ground we use a 50m piped range to allow ammo selection for .22 target barrels.

For corporate users we can offer "target days". In these days your staff can experience number of target sports - rifle shooting (small bore and air), air-pistol shooting, archery (compound bows), clay pigeon, knife throwing, axe throwing and a few others for good measure.

Visitors to our shop and range are welcome; but unless you are a user of our range you must make an appointment.

Range visitors HAVE to be police cleared before they can approach our site. Contact us for details of the process.

Please note that no firearms are stored at the Bunker site.